Reunion With Silence

It’s been interesting to spend 100 days on WordPress. During this short period of time, I managed to have some fun, meet some nice people, learn something from you and something about myself. Now I have decided to return to meditation and focus on my study and practice. Otherwise I would be just engaging in endless frolics, repeating the cycles of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, clinging to the false sense of a self, and ultimately perpetuating the cycle of samsara … To all people who’re kind to me, thank you πŸ‘ One day I might come back and hopefully could be a better friend to you … Until then, take care.

I find this story inspiring and helpful –

One day the Buddha and some monks sat together having a good time. An anxious farmer passed by, asking if they had seen any of his 12 cows, which he had been depending on to till his acres of plantation.

The Buddha said, β€œNo, we haven’t seen any cows. You might want to look in the other direction.”

As the farmer hurriedly headed toward the other direction, the Buddha said to the monks, β€œI am so happy we don’t have cows, otherwise we would have to constantly worry about them getting lost.”

And I find this Zen parable might be helpful to let go of the grasping at a self –

There was a farmer who’d spent his life plowing a field with a hoe. His hard work brought about some harvest, but the harvest always gave rise to further desire. He felt like being towed by an invisible hand, treading the same circle over and over again. One day, a Zen master walked by, happy and free. The farmer wanted to attain that kind of liberty, so he got rid of everything to follow suit.

The only thing he carefully stored away, is the hoe. After all, it’s a fine hoe, and throughout his whole life he’d been depending on it for livelihood.

So he became a diligent practitioner of Zen. After years in the pursuit of enlightenment, however, he still wasn’t entirely liberated. Then one day, he realized something – rushing back home he took out the hoe, threw it into a river. Finally, he’s free. 🐞

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  1. […] At this point you may seek enlightenment from enlightened souls like Mitch Teemley who I humbly acknowledge actually reads my posts or from the sharp mind and caring heart of a blogger known simply as Dot who recently bugged out of the blogosphere to seek a Reunion With Silence […]


  2. There’s nothing more natural in life than play. =)

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  3. Aw… You’ll be missed if you decide to quit. You’re really a nice blogger, love your posts to. Do what you think is best, kay? And take your time. A little “me time” is also important. Also, keep in touch and stay safe! πŸ€—

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  4. Best wishes to you. All you can do is take care of yourself away from the internet.

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  5. Good Luck Dot! πŸ˜‰
    Keep in touch…

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    1. Thanks Leo🐌 I will show up when you least expect it🐀😽 Take care 🍎


  6. Do what you have to do Dot! We’ll miss you no doubt but health always comes first. When and if your ready to come back, we’ll be waiting with open arms. I know I will! Get well cat girl! πŸ±β€πŸ‘€πŸ±β€πŸš€πŸ±β€πŸ‘“

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    1. I appreciate it Wayne 🍊 You take care too … maybe not drink too much before bed, so that evil twin in the bathroom would give up waiting and just quit πŸπŸ„

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      1. Lol! 🀣 Thanks for the tip Dot β€” I’ll try and hold it in as long as I can 😣

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  7. Hi Dot! I absolutely understand the desire to take a rest. I do it too, but always come back to my dear blogoteer friends. You are one of us in this little group of eclectic friends. One for all and all for one, as the Musketeers used to say. I see such tremendous value in the stories that you share, the insights into your thoughts and your path on the Tao. You are valuable, actually priceless to us, because you touch our humanity in a soft but meaningful way. Your’s is a powerful journey and when you stop to rest, we are here to chat and listen to the wisdom you share. Be kind to yourself. You are the spaceship and pilot that carries you and your blogoteer friends in this journey through the universe of life. Some get on and others get off, but the journey from here to there continues forever erudite, beautiful, and divinely humble. We all must rest and I hope your meditations ease you closer to your enlightenment. I will wait patiently for the Kitty and Dot to return. Cyber social distance hugs -Daniel

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    1. Daniel, you are funny and generous, wise and sexy, the greatest writer and the most profound thinker, a true masterπŸ¦„ You are the pride of all INFJs. Thanks for being so nice to me πŸ¨πŸ§πŸ¦”

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      1. Oh, if you could see my burning cheeks, Dot. So kind of you to say such things. You know how we INFJ’s are, give freely, accept reluctantly. You are truly a wonderful and wise person and your blogs are meaningful and rich with a gentle wit and good humor. INFJ’s rule the quiet πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ‰

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  8. Timothy Price

    Hi Dot. There is a lot of superficiality to blogging, and it all depends on what your goals are. You can be literally you, become a persona or character that is pure fantasy or anywhere in between. I don’t think blogging has to have any real purpose other than expressing one’s self. It can be a simple journal of thoughts you want to share with the world.

    I got into blogging through a site called CaringBridge that a friend set up for me to allow people to keep up with my progress during cancer treatments back in 2010. Followers on CaringBridge asked me to continue after I finished my treatments, so I moved to WordPress in 2011. My blog has mainly been to share photographs and as a therapy and creative outlet to keep my mind going. My blog also becomes a travel journal. And it’s a good archive. There are so many times I would just as soon stop and never do another post, but I know that would not be a good for me or my followers. So I plug along working to come up with creative things to entertain my followers.

    As far as your blog is concerned, you might want to come up with a more topical approach, but you do really well at presenting things that come to mind. You offer a great cultural perspective with your stories and proverbs. I know how difficult it is for you to write in English, however, you express yourself very well. Your drawings of Blue Kitten are wonderful, and you could do a blog solely with you dressing of Blue Kitten and his friends, and just a few words about their thoughts.

    I would hate to see you give up blogging, but I believe I understand you frustrations with it.

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    1. Thank you Tim πŸ‘ Your words are, as always, kindhearted and warm, educational and inspirational. I will be sitting on them thinking and thinking and thinking … as pensive as that mama owl πŸ¦‰πŸŒπŸ¦”

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      1. Timothy Price

        Think about the number 42.

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  9. Enjoy your time away and keep doing what fills your heart.

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    1. Thank you Brad 🐾

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